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In MicroStrategy Web 10.2, user can apply a formatting theme to an entire Report Service document or to a specific object, such as a selector or text field, on a Report Service document.
Every theme contains a set of formats for the different types of objects on a document. For example, a theme contains formatting options for reports, selectors, text, and so on. For each object, the theme can apply any formatting setting, such as font color, background color, borders,and so on, that applies to the type of object.
Using themes allows user to deploy a single look and feel across all documents or selected documents. Using themes also allows user to spend less time formatting documents.
Selecting the display theme for a document 
MicroStrategy out-of-box provides two display themes: The Light theme and The Dark theme. Follow below steps to apply the theme:
  1. Open the document in Design Mode or Editable Mode.
  2. From the Format menu, select Apply Document Theme. The Select Document Theme dialog box opens, as shown below:
  3. Select the theme and click OK.
Selecting a display theme for an object
You can also apply custom themes to an object. Follow below steps to apply the theme:
  1. Open the document in Design Mode or Editable Mode.
  2. Right-click the object to be formatted and select Properties and Formatting.
  3. From the left, select Theme.
  4. Select a theme from the Apply Format from Theme, as shown below:
  5. Select one of the following:
    • To copy the formatting of the theme to the object, select Copy Formatting. If the formats in the theme are changed, the object’s formatting does not change.
    • To link the theme’s formatting to the object, select Link to Theme. If the formats in the theme are changed, the object’s formatting changes.
  6. Click OK.
Creating custom display themes
User can create a custom theme to format documents. To create a theme, format an object of each type that you want the theme to include,and then set that formatting as the control default format for that object. Follow below steps to create a custom theme:
  1. Open the document in Design Mode or Editable Mode.
  2. Format an object to be used as default formatting for this object type. For example, select a red background and white font for a panel stack.
  3. Right-click the formatted panel stack and select Set Control Defaults, as shown below. By doing that, all new panel stacks are formatted using the specified default formatting.
  4. Repeat step 2 and step 3 to all the object types that you would like to save into the theme
  5. From the Format menu, select Save Defaults as Theme.
  6. Click OK on the warning message that only formatting options set as control defaults are saved into the theme.
  7. The Save Theme dialog box opens and type a name for the theme and click Save.

TN275808: New feature in 10.2: Create and apply display theme for a Report Service document or objects on Report Service document

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