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Basic solution is to re-run the RSD/Report

This Technical Note describes a method to create a refresh button in MicroStrategy Mobile Documents.
This Technical Note describes how to create a Refresh button in MicroStrategy Mobile Dashboard or document using the Edit Links functionality
1) Open Tutorial Project with MicroStrategy Web
2) Write “Category Sales and Profitability” in the search bar.
3) Edit the document  and insert a text box or an image on the place where you want to locate the Refresh button, right mouse click on the text box and select the option Edit Links, in the Edit Links window editor set the following options (see image) and select the “Category Sales and Profitability” as a target document. (save and close)
4) Open the “Category Sales and Profitability” document click on the text box you created in step 3 and you will be redirected to the source document simulating the refresh action.
This example is for MicroStrategy Mobile on iPad but can be used also on iPhone.

TN289441: How to create a refresh button for MicroStrategy Mobile 9.x-10.x Documents

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