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In MicroStrategy 9.0, Incremental fetch is available for Detail and Group section of Report Services Document. Incremental fetch divides large documents or layouts into pages, thereby loading the data in batches (or blocks) rather than all at once. This improves the usability and performance of a large document or layout, by reducing the load and overall memory usage on the web server.
User can define the incremental fetch options in both MicroStrategy Web and in Desktop, but incremental fetch is applied only when the document is executed in Editable Mode, Interactive Mode, or View Mode in MicroStrategy Web. Desktop does not apply incremental fetch to documents.
The blocks of data are defined by the number of objects (the block size) to return at a certain level. If the document or layout is grouped, you can select any group as the level. If it is not, then the block size is applied to the Detail section.
For example, each row in the Details section of a document contains the Item attribute and several metrics. Incremental fetch is applied, with a block size of ten. In View Mode in MicroStrategy Web, only ten rows of items are displayed on a single page, as shown in the document sample below:
Notice that the bottom of the document contains page numbers, so that user can navigate to another page to display more information.
If the same document was grouped by Call Center, user can apply incremental fetch at the level of Call Center. This time, define the block size as five. In View Mode in MicroStrategy Web, select All for the grouping, and then the incremental fetch is employed. Data for five Call Centers are displayed on a single page. The following document sample shows the end of the first call center and the beginning of the next.
If the group is displayed as a single element only, that group cannot be used as the fetch level, since the document must be displayed with all the grouping elements. User can still apply incremental fetch to the document, but only to the detail section, not to the group. If the document contains another group, which does allow all elements to be displayed, user can apply incremental fetch using that other group.
NOTE: If the document or layout is not grouped, incremental fetch can be applied only to the Detail section.
For information please refer to Report Services Document Creation Guide and the section of Improving document performance in MicroStrategy Web: Incremental fetch

TN30177: New feature in MicroStrategy 9.0: Incremental Fetch in Report Services Document

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