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In order to prevent Distribution Services from sending emails containing empty reports in MicroStrategy Desktop change the Distribution Services Error Handling as follows:
1) Connect to project source
2) Right click on the project for which you wish to apply the setting and choose ‘Project configuration’ from dropdown.
3) In ‘Project configuration’ dialog go to ‘Deliveries’ category on the left hand side.
Then go to Error handling.
4) For ‘No data returned’ choose ‘Do not deliver’ radio button.
From now on if no data is returned for report, the report will not be delivered by Distribution Services.
The appropriate entry will be added to DSSErrors.log file indicating that the delivery is skipped due to no data returned.
Sample Code/Error
2009-10-21 12:45:00.505+01:00
Distribution Service: MSIDeliveryEngine::Delivery: The report REPORTAME does not return any data. Skip delivery. 

TN31830: How to prevent Distribution Services to send emails for empty reports in Microstrategy Desktop in version 9.x ?

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