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When publishing or updating a cube, MicroStrategy does not impose any limits on cube memory consumption except for the memory available on Intelligence Server machine. However, after publishing, MicroStrategy calculates the approximate size the cube instance that is sitting inIntelligence Server machine memory, and if that cube size added with all the other cubes sizes surpasses the “Maximum RAM usage forIntelligent Cube” setting in project configuration, it will be unloaded from memory.
Maximum RAM usage (MBytes) for Intelligent Cubes defines the amount of data required for all Intelligent Cubes to limit the amount ofIntelligent Cube data stored in Intelligence Server memory at one time for a project. The default is 256 megabytes.
Storing Intelligent Cubes can greatly improve performance by allowing reports to execute against an in memory copy of data. However, storing too much Intelligent Cube data in memory can cause other Intelligence Server processes to compete for system resources and potentially cause degradations in performance. This makes defining a memory limit for Intelligent Cubes an important step in maintaining IntelligenceServer response time.
For more consideration details regarding tuning Intelligent Cube memory usage, refer to the System Administration Guide > ManagingIntelligent Cubes > Governing Intelligent Cube memory usage 

TN33244: Are there any limits imposed on Intelligent Cube size in MicroStrategy 9.x?

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