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In MicroStrategy 9.x Distribution Services, it is possible to create an email subscription to a report or Report Services document which will be executed when a certain conditional threshold is met based on another executing report. For example, a scheduled report executes which shows the Revenue by day for the past week. If the Revenue on any one day falls below a certain value, a subcription to another report can be triggered and delivered to a recipient.
The following example will walk through the basic steps on how to setup a subscription based on an alert like this:
  1. In MicroStrategy Web 9.x, edit or execute a report.
  2. Right-click on the metric header to apply the condition or threshold and select ‘Alerts’:
  3. Specify the conditions to meet for the delivery to be triggered in the filter editor:
  4. Expand the Delivery Settings section.
  5. Specify the desired delivery options including recipient address, subscription name, delivery format, compression options and the schedule to run the report and check the condition.
  6. To deliver the same report when the condition is met, select the ‘Send all data. Format cells that meet condition’ option. To deliver a different report or document when the condition is met, select the ‘Send different report or document’ and select the report/document to deliver:
  7. Click OK to save the alert subscription.

TN34054: How to create an alert-based subscription in MicroStrategy 9.x Distribution Services

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