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One of my most excited feature i was expecting is to enable QUICK SWITCH that we have on RSD Web to be enabled for Mobile as well & Now it has been implemented 🙂 Happy to share with you all!
The Quick Switch functionality for grids and graphs in report services documents can be used to easily switch a dataset report between grid view and graph view in Interactive or Flash mode in MicroStrategy Web by clicking on the Quick Switch icon. For more information on this feature, refer to the following technical note:
Starting in MicroStrategy Mobile 10.1 for iOS, grids/graphs with Quick Switch enabled will also have this feature available when executed inMobile.
To enable Quick Switch on a grid/graph, navigate to Properties and Formatting > Layout > Grid on the grid/graph object in Design mode in MicroStrategy Web, like shown below:
Toggle Quick Switch by tapping the Quick Switch icon on the upper-right-hand corner of the grid/graph object in MicroStrategy Mobile for iOS, like shown below:

TN35785: New feature in MicroStrategy Mobile 10.1 for iOS – Quick Switch for grids and graphs on report services documents

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