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The following table lists the features that are available on MicroStrategy Mobile iOS but not on MicroStrategy Mobile Android
    Category Feature Android  iOS 
Caching Progress bar for subscriptions and pre-caching No Yes
Documents Zooming No Yes
Folder Browsing Floating Navigation Bar support No Yes
Folder Browsing Phone Report/Document details No Yes
General Printing No Yes
General IVE Analysis No Yes
General Push Notifications Alert Support No Yes
General Push Notifications Feedback Service Support No Yes
General Accessibility No Yes
Graphs Graph Animations No Yes
Graphs Drilling No Yes
Graphs Zooming on Graphs No Yes
Grid Sorting No Yes
Mobile Server Config Link Editor – Enable push notifications No Yes
Prompting Selection bucket No Yes
Prompting AE Prompt – Geo Location No Yes
Prompting Value Prompt – Wheel No Yes
Reports Zooming No Yes
Reports Book-style report page-by navigation No Yes
Security SSO -Siteminder No Yes
Selectors Metric Conditions – Slider No Yes
Selectors Metric Conditions – Qualification Selector No Yes
Settings Status No Yes
Settings Latency Indicator No Yes
Subscriptions Download Progress Bar No Yes
Web Features Configure a startup document No Yes
Widgets Maps – Network Graph No Yes
Widgets Maps – Enhanced Maker Clustering No Yes
Widgets RSS No Yes
Widgets Date Selection No Yes
Widgets Graph Matrix No Yes
Widgets Multimedia No Yes
Widgets Timeline No Yes
Widgets Datacloud No Yes

TN40936: The list of features that are present in MicroStrategy Mobile iOS 9.2.1m but not in MicroStrategy Mobile Android 9.2.1m .

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