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Follow below tech note trick or place 2 graphs (Graph 01 – stacked effect acting as primary graph placed in FRONT for display & Graph 02 with TOTAL metric only – normal bar & make all bars/axes to transparent and then enable only DATA LABEL to show on OUTSIDE Bar maximum option set)
The following procedure shows how to display Subtotals as clean, numerical text for each bar in any MicroStrategy Desktop stacked bargraph, using the Tutorial project for demonstration purposes.
1. Create a report with ‘Year’ attribute on rows and ‘Category’ attribute and ‘Revenue’ metric on the column as shown below:
2. Run the report and add the Subtotal by going to Data menu -> Grand Totals. The output the report is shown below:
3. Go to the Graph view and select either the ‘Vertical BarStacked‘ or the ‘Horizontal BarStacked‘ graph type. In this example, ‘VerticalBarStacked‘ will be used.
4. Go to Graph menu -> Graph options -> Options check the ‘Show subtotals in the graph‘ checkbox if it is not already checked
5. Go to Series -> Total Revenue. Change the Show Selected Series As ‘Line’ from the dropdown menu, uncheck ‘Show Markers on Line’, and check  ‘Show Data Labels’.
6. Finally, go to Series -> Total Revenue -> Line, and set Transparency to 100, as shown below. Press OK.
7. The graph should display as shown below.
By following the same steps as above for a horizontal stacked bar graph, the graph will display as follows:

TN43516: How to display a numerical Subtotal value for each bar in a stacked bar graph in Microstrategy Desktop 9.x.

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