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Incremental refresh can be utilized to reduce the time and system resources if the Intelligent Cube is updated based on one or more attributes. For detailed information on Incremental Refresh, refer to MicroStrategy 9.3.0 Product Manual OLAP Services Guide.
To answer the question, refer to following two screenshots. The cube is updated same time when Incremental Refresh completed.
1. Run an incremental refresh report
2. Check the cube information in Cache Monitor, and find the cube update time is updated as the same time.
Note that the incremental refresh report completes running at 23:56:17 (Starting time 23:56:08 + Execution time 0:0:09), which is the same as “Last Update Time” in the second screenshot in this example. This means cube is updated at the same time when Incremental Refresh completed.

TN44304: How long is it expected to update the cube after Incremental Refresh Report is completed in MicroStrategy Intelligence Server 9.3.0?

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