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SUMMARY: There are many error messages that can be customized for MicroStrategy iPhone/iPad application, e.g.”Network error”, “URL Error” using MicroStrategy Mobile SDK 9.4.1 
Follow these steps to achieve the customization for the English language:
  1. In the XCode project, expand Resources > FinalBundle.bundle > Contents > Resources > en.proj > iPhoneStrings.strings
  2. Search IPhoneStrings.strings with the default error message. If the corresponding string identifier is found, the error message is customizable.  
  3. Edit the error message and save.
Note: For other languages, the developer has to locate the appropriate “.proj” folder for them in the “Resources” folder then change the corresponding iPhoneStrings.strings file.

TN45070: How to customize error message for MicroStrategy iPhone/iPad application with Microstrategy Mobile SDK 9.4.1

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