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Can users monitor MicroStrategy on Linux in the similar way to Desktop, such as monitoring the cache status, job status and so on?
The command ‘mstrctl -s IntelligenceServer gs’ on Linux returns MicroStrategy Intelligence Server status. It contains information as below.  
  • Computer Name
  • Authentication Mode
  • Process Id for the DSSSERVER.EXE process
  • Time the process was started
  • Execution Mode
  • Version information of the Intelligence Server
  • Build Number
  • Intelligence Server port
For detailed information about server status, please refer to the tech-note below.
TN 14362– MicroStrategy Intelligence Server 9.x status stored in the file system in the file ‘status-iserver.xml’
On Desktop Users can monitor various aspects of MicroStrategy system. The Administration category for a project source contains several system monitors for that project source, as list below.
  • Projects loaded on Intelligence Server, or on all nodes of the cluster
  • Projects loaded on specific nodes of the cluster
  • Jobs that are currently executing
  • Us that are currently connected to Intelligence Server
  • Active and cached database connections
  • Report and document caches
  • History List messages
  • Intelligent Cubes, whether or not they are loaded on Intelligence Server 
Since Desktop cannot be installed on Linux, users are unable to get information above on Linux.

TN45773: Can users monitor MicroStrategy on Linux?

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