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MicroStrategy Listener Service checks the availability of MicroStrategy Intelligence Server on the Network. When users open theMicroStrategy Service Manager, they notice that they can select other MicroStrategy Intelligence Servers in their network. Listener checks machines in the users’ network, it checks the availability of other MicroStrategy Intelligence Servers in the users’ network and it displays the list of MicroStrategy Intelligence Server machines.
For steps on how to start the MicroStrategy Listener service:
  1. Use the MicroStrategy Service Manager.
  2. Select MicroStrategy Listener from the Service drop-down list.
  3. Click Start as seen below:
Using the Listener, a user can start Intelligence Server service automatically (when the machine restarts (see steps below):
  1. Go to MicroStrategy->Tools->Service Manager. The MicroStrategy Service Manager dialog box opens.
  2. In the Server drop-down list, select the name of the machine on which MicroStrategy Intelligence Server is installed.
  3. In the Service drop-down list, select MicroStrategy Intelligence Server.
  4. Click Options. The Service Options dialog box opens.
  5. Select Automatic as the Startup Type option.
  6. Click OK.
Note: The MicroStrategy Listener Service communicates with MicroStrategy Web products and Intelligence Server on port 30172. So, if using the Listener Service, port 30172 must be configured to send and receive TCP/IP and UDP requests through the firewall

TN6033: What does MicroStrategy Listener Service do?

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