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It has been quite a while that me blogging here. Was tightly held up on one of the green-field project running for these days. It has come really well. Let me come to the topic mentioned here related to our subject šŸ™‚

After me creating this blog – i got/received lot of training assistance or certification guidance which i keep on getting from folks across the world. So, i thought its the right time for me to give T + C (i.e.) Training + Certification Guidance by myself to the folks who are interested.

Feel free to drop an email to me personally:

Course Details Below:

     Type 01

  • Basic MicroStrategy Training
  • DWH Basic Concepts
  • Advanced MicroStrategy Training
  • Project Work
This will not be focused pertaining to MSTR Certification. So this is mainly covered for new bloomers to gain out of it and get aligned to new project in their career to step up. But i’ll definitely give my best to enrich everyone out of this training.
     Type 02

  • MicroStrategy Desktop: Reporting Essentials 
  • MicroStrategy Architect: Project Design Essentials 
  • MicroStrategy Desktop: Advanced Reporting 
  • MicroStrategy Report Services: Document Essentials
  • MicroStrategy Report Services: Dynamic Dashboards
  • Implementing MicroStrategy: Development & Deployment 
  • MicroStrategy Administration: Configuration & Security 
  • MicroStrategy Administration: Application Management & Tuning
  • MicroStrategy Web for Reporters and Analysts 
  • MicroStrategy Web for Professionals
  • MicroStrategy Engine Essentials
  • MicroStrategy Architect: Advanced Project Design 
  • MicroStrategy Advanced Data Warehousing 
  • MicroStrategy Free-Form SQL Essentials 
  • MicroStrategy Web SDK: Customization Essentials 
  • MicroStrategy Basic SDK Essentials 
  • MicroStrategy Data Mining Services Essentials 
  • Deploying MicroStrategy High Performance BI 
  • MicroStrategy Mobile for AppleĀ® iPadā„¢ and iPhoneĀ®  
  • MicroStrategy Developer PROJECT
The above course will be detailed and good for any new bloomers or folks who are interested to know in depth about MicroStrategy.

We can discuss about this more personally and proceed further on these courses + commercials for the same.

Have a Good Day!

“The Only Source of Knowledge is Experience….”

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