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I got a chance to read a good article on the MicroStrategy Knowledge base while looking for some information on HTML Container concepts. (i.e.) How to insert the twitter widget inside MicroStrategy Dashboard. As i said earlier, the HTML Container works only on Interactive mode – so, we can opt for this functionality when working with mobile dashboards to have a rich look on iPad/iPhone/Mobile Devices.

How to display a Twitter (TM) widget on a MicroStrategy dashboard.

MicroStrategy does not provide an out of the box widget for receiving stream specifically from Twitter ™.
However, It is possible to embed the widget for html that Twitter provides.  
You may use the html container object from a dashboard.
1. Define a html with enough area to display the twitter widget.
2. Go to (this URL was not working – when i tried & hence – we would need to look for the alternate URL. I’ll post here if i find the appropriate one while working – sorry for it!! )
3. Select the widget type  and configure .
4. Click on Finish & grab code.
5. Insert the generated javascript code in the html container.
Test the dashboard on your preferred mode.
NOTE:  Html containers do not work on flash mode

Have a Good Day!!
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