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How can different forms of authentication be defined when using the URL API in MicroStrategy Web 9.x?

For MicroStrategy Web 9.x, Administrators can enable different options for Logging in on the Administrator page as shown below:
Now, when using the URL API, to denote which type of Authentication to use, developers can use the connMode parameter. The following values are used for this parameter:
  • Standard = 1
  • LDAP Authentication = 16
  • Database Authentication = 4
  • Guest = 8
  • Windows Authentication = 2
  • Trusted Authentication = 64
  • Integrated Authentication = 128
For example, a developer has a report which is to be linked to and will have the user log in with Windows Authentication. It would then look like the following:
For more information on customization, refer to the MicroStrategy Developer Library which can be found on the MicroStrategy Knowledge Base.
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