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MicroSrategy 931 Hotfix 2 is generally now available for production use and you can download from the MicroStrategy Download site for applying this patch to the servers to resolve/apply some fixes as part of  this release…

Certification and support updates
The following lists certification updates for 9.3.1 Hotfix 2
  • Firefox 22.x, Certified (Supported for Linux, MacOS)
  • Chrome 27.x, Certified (Supported for MacOS)
Installation Instructions

This hotfix should be applied on top of MicroStrategy 9.3.1 GA (, or 9.3.1 Hotfix 1 (9.3.300.008)
  1. Stop any of the MicroStrategy Servers running on the target machine
  2. Close any MicrStrategy Products running on the target machine
  3. While the product suite is certified to be compatible between hot fix releases, it is recommended to keep the hot fix versions same across the environment.
  4. Depending on the target operating system, run the installation routine below as a root user
  • setup.exe for Windows
  • for AIX
  • for Solaris
  • for HPUX
  • for Linux
Note: In order to ensure that your MicroStrategy Web ASP.Net deployment runs with the proper version of the sys_definitions.xml and sys_defaults.xml files after this upgrade, the setup will back up and delete the existing version of these files. If you have manually changed some values in any of these files, you will need to re-apply these changes after new files get dispensed upon restarting the application.
Command line to launch the hotfix install in completely silent mode
\Setup.exe -L0009 –ResponseFile=”C:HFResponse.ini” -s -f1″C:HFsetup.iss”

MicroStrategy 9.3.1 Hotfix 2 (9.3.320.011) Readme
This build was completed on July, 16 2013 and fixes the following issues

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