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Here is my today’s learning on Qlik & thought would share it with you all >

If you are having an lower configuration laptop or personal computer running with Qlikview – then you’ll be running into this limitation. (such as an computer with 2GB RAM but trying to load an Qlik document with 3GB or higher RAM intensive document)

The Amount of Data that can be loaded into a Qlikview document is large” As mentioned, it is primarily limited by computer memory

Technically, i feel – this issue would apply to any BI tool (MicroStrategy Desktop or Power BI Desktop or Tableau Desktop). Unless, it is an server based connections – if we try to do anything locally would need to have better computer memory to suffice the request.

Here is the limitation listed by Qlik Help Portal :

However, there is one limitation that you must be aware of when building very large documents: A QlikView document cannot have more than 2,147,483,648 distinct values in one field.

The following are only limited by RAM:

  • Number of fields
  • Number of tables
  • Number of table cells and rows

Not to forget, Qlik is highly optimized and has a higher compression rate of approximately 80%. So keep that in mind and at the same time try not to build document too much complex to run out of memory 🙂



Enjoy learning!!

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