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Hyper Intelligence – Zero Click Intelligence was the buzz word introduced by MicroStrategy in 2019 version of release.

I can definitely think this as an next wave of BI Space being driven to & MicroStrategy is always an leading enterprise provider in that phase.

Hyper Intelligence can be embed in varied sources as below:

  • Hyper Web
  • Hyper Mobile
  • Hyper Office
  • Hyper Voice
  • Hyper Screen
  • Hyper Vision

Recently in MicroStrategy World 2020 held on Orlando, Florida on February 2020 – they talked more about enabling actions from Hyper Card and approve/reject via “Hyper Intelligence Triggers”

Today’s post is to show how “Sonic Automotive” has used “Hyper Intelligence” using MicroStrategy to add more value to their business and take informed decisions quickly.

Thanks to “Sonic Automotive” & “MicroStrategy” for sharing the experience of using Zero Click Intelligence with “MicroStrategy” platform.

Credit: MicroStrategy & Sonic Automotive for this information

Key things covered with Hyper Intelligence are below:

  • Fast Analytics
  • Zero Click Intelligence
  • Move from Old Fashion to Modern Intelligence
  • Massive data fetched to show quicker analysis

My personal feedback to MicroStrategy would be to provide “Hyper Intelligence” free on top of existing license itself to customers than adding additional value to it. More user adoptions would take this product to next level.

Enjoy Reading!!

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