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I am loving the journey of learning Tableau through these awesome blogs by awesome folks. Hence, i thought of sharing all the helpful blog links for any users to learn or inspire from it.

“Credit and Kudos to each one of these blog owners & blog writers “

Flerlage Twins Blog

If you are into Tableau – you will definitely come across Flerlage twins blogs one way or other. I have come across several times 🙂 Ken & Kevin are Tableau Zen Masters and identical twin brothers. It has collection of Tableau information which helps for beginner to expert solutions. I love them very much. Lot of out of the box visualizations or design ideas you will find as you go through the blogs written by them.


There are tons of favorite blog posts – i tried to pick few for sharing it :

  1. Demystifying Fonts in Tableau
  2. Kevin’s “You Serious” Viz
  3. Interactive Periodic Table

It keeps going on and on with favorite from Flerlage blogs. I love completely 🙂

Tableau Magic Blog

Here is short information about this blog >> “Tableau Magic is aimed at bringing together all the Tableau resources into one single point of contact. Spread the word Tableau is Magic. ”

Again, this is another blog of various inspiring visualization that can be achievable within Tableau. It is being managed completed by Toan HoangTableau Zen Master & has tons of collection of blog posts. I myself have referenced this blog to try fun viz. He definitely does magic to create these awesome Viz that can’t be imagined 🙂 Check it out definitely.

Some of my favorite blog posts are below:

  1. Circular KPI Chart
  2. Dendogram Chart
  3. Polar Chart

Cool Blue Data Blog

Alexander Varlamov – is another Tableau expert & definitely check out his Tableau Public profile for his awesome inspiring viz.


Here are my favorite posts from his blogs:

  1. Portraits in Tableau
  2. Animated Stream/Area Graphs
  3. Radial Bump Charts in Tableau

Sarah Loves Data Blog

Sarah is Tableau Zen Master. She is also an Social Ambassador. She leads London -TUG(Tableau User Group). She also runs the “IronQuest” monthly. Definitely check out her blog for more details & don’t miss to check her “Explore European Cities on a budget” viz – its inspiring anytime you see it.


Here are my favorite blog posts:

  1. How to use Annotations in Tableau
  2. Tips for Tableau Desktop Certification
  3. Custom Shapes as Axis Labels

Lindsay Zen’s Blog

Lindsay runs the “Project Health Viz” – do check out her public profile with awesome inspiring viz. I should say, my first “Tableau Public” dashboard was for “HealthViz” only which is related to “TelaDoc Stock Performance“. Lindsay is “Tableau Zen Master“.


Here are my favorite blog posts:

  1. Navigation Buttons
  2. Using Gestalt Principles to improve data visualization
  3. Create Holos around Bar Chart

She definitely is killer with her designs and having an unique style with her viz. I love it very much.

PlayFair Data Blog

Ryan Sleeper is Tableau Zen Master. I love all of his blog posts related to Tableau. It is super cool and very helpful for any new tableau learner. Do check it out.

Here are my favorite posts:

  1. Toggle Buttons in Tableau
  2. Highlight entire Table
  3. Ten Tableau Text Tips

Viz Art Pandey’s Blog

Rajeev Pandey is Tableau Zen Master , Tableau Public Ambassador, Tableau Featured Author and Data Evangelist from India. I love his blog very much and he has ton’s of visualization that are out of the box. You’ll definitely come across his blog while working on Tableau Public to try new things.


Here are my favorite blog posts:

  1. 30 Design Resources for Dashboard
  2. Bridging Map with Charts – By AnjuShree
  3. Extract Tableau Field using Python API

Tri My Data Blog

Eva Murray – she helps professionals to enhance their skills and grow them in career. She is an Tableau Zen Master, Make Over Monday Co-Leader and Co-author.


Here are my favorite (outside of all MakeOverMonday posts are favorite to everyone – as they are gold to hear the feedbacks for improving one’s self) :

  1. 7 Tips for becoming a better presenter
  2. 5 Steps to build your personal brand in Tableau
  3. It is not about the Job Title

Andy’s Blog

Andy is Co-author of “The Big Book of Dashboards“. He is an technical evangelist at Tableau.


Here are my favorite blog posts:

  1. Build a race bar chart in Tableau
  2. 5 Question to ask when designing an mobile dashboard
  3. How to present a dashboard

Data Plus Science Blog

Jeffrey A. Shaffer, Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Information Technology and Analytics at Unifund and Recovery Decision Science. He is an Tableau Zen Master. You should definitely follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn – to hear TableauTips every day & they are very helpful to know tricks and tips in Tableau.


URL : (collection of helpful materials of Tableau from various authors)

Here are my favorite blog posts:

  1. Removing ABC Multiple Ways in Tableau
  2. Volume 17 Data Tips
  3. Volume 16 Speed Tips

SParson’s Data Viz Blog

Samuel Parson work for Dyson Technology Limited, as a Senior Data Visualization Developer within the RDD function, working for the Global Quality team.  He started this #datafamfeedback initiative to provide feedback’s to people who are interested and improve further with their viz.


Here are my favorite blog posts:

  1. Finessing Bar Charts
  2. Datafam Feedback Initiative
  3. Sowing Seeds Viz

Michael Sandberg’s Blog

Michael has been active for way long with blogging right from MicroStrategy to Tableau now. I love his interview posts with various experts in Tableau space. It is really good to know about others and their interest/love towards visualizations.


My favorite blog posts are below:

  1. Tableau 2020.3 Beta Release
  2. Interview with Swati Dave
  3. Interview with Jim Dehner

Lorna Brown’s Blog

Lorna Brown is Tableau Zen Master & Tableau Public Ambassador. She Co-leads Workout Wednesday 2020 & Tableau Tips Tuesday.


Here are my favorite blog posts:

  1. How to build comet chart ?
  2. How to show missing rows ?
  3. 12 Dates Tips of Tableau

Emily Kund’s Blog

 Emily Kund, founder of Analytics to Inform, a data visualization training company. She has over 20 years of leadership and analyst experience and 15 years of training experience. She founded the Tableau Fringe Festival; a global online conference from the Tableau community, for the Tableau community because I wanted to provide a platform for Tableau community members to share their knowledge and gain visibility. (i.e.) Award ceremony to promote the Tableau Community 🙂 Isn’t it cool ? Thanks Emily for sharing your experience and also encouraging the community to grow further!



Here are my favorite blog posts:

  1. Slope Graph
  2. Annotate to understand
  3. Recruiting and Interview Panel Takeaways

Lindsey Poulter’s Blog

Lindsey Poulter is a data visualization and Tableau enthusiast based in New York City. She is a Tableau Zen Master and 2019 Iron Viz finalist.


Here are my favorite blog posts:

  1. Process behind building an winning Ironviz feeder dashboard
  2. Hand Drawn Data Viz
  3. Use Icons to add or remove values from a set

Frederic Fery’s Blog

Frederic work in Digital Innovation in healthcare space and love visualising data in my spare time on topics such as sport, politics or Aussie social issues. He has been appointed to serve on the Board Viz For Social Good Board (VFSG).


Here are my favorite blog posts:

  1. The making of “The Emigrants of the World, 1858, Charles Minard” map in Tableau
  2. Datafam Collaboration Project. Behind the collaboration of the Freds
  3. How do I get started with Data visualisation and Tableau as a beginner?

JR’s Blog

JR is passionate about using data visualization and design to tell insightful stories about social issues, business, spirituality, culture and lifestyle. He has been killing the tableau public viz with killer designs 🙂 Definitely check out his blog and tableau public profile.

Rati’s Blog

Rati is passionate of Data Visualisation and Tableau. she has been sharing her blog post of her passion in English, en Francais et en Espanol.


Here are my favorite blog posts:

  1. How to draw chord diagram
  2. Set Action and Parameter to compare or drill down to map

Charlie’s Blog

Charlie has been trying to absorb as much information about the product as possible. He has a lot to take in and new blog posts and videos are created on a daily basis. So his blog posts aims to organise, consolidate and share the content which has aided his learning in an easy way to digest format for newcomers to Tableau.


He is one of the active member of Make Over Monday & Take a Part Tuesday activities.

Data School’s Blog

Since 2010, The Information Lab has trained thousands of people to use Tableau and Alteryx. Now they’re creating the next generation of great data analysts. If you want to start an career into data analytics – i would definitely recommend to learn and move ahead with your career through Data School classes. Andy is the head coach and leads the Data School. He is an five time Tableau Zen Master. Andy’s personal mission is to help as many people as possible “see and understand” their data with Tableau, which is the focus of his role as Head Coach at The Information Lab’s Data School. Data is knowledge, but Andy believes that seeing data is insight. Definitely check out the blogs – it has lot of helpful information related to Tableau majorly. you’ll love it.

Here are some of my favorite blog posts:

  1. Live vs Extract
  2. Incremental Refresh in Tableau
  3. Drill Down Map using Parameter Actions

Evelina’s Blog

Evelina Judeikyte work in data analytics and specialize in data visualization. She loves creating both data-driven business reports and custom-made creative visualizations. She strongly believe that data insights are best digested when presented in an accessible, intuitive and beautiful manner. I really love her blogs which is quite deep and has an unique style of visualizing things.


Here are some of my favorite posts:

  1. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Behind a Design Process
  2. What Data Visualisation Experts Wish They Knew When They First Started
  3. Three Tips for More Effective Iterations

Kate’s Blog

Kate is a Business Intelligence Manager with a golf & Tableau obsession. She is also a yogi, and avid reader. You can connect with her on Twitter and on LinkedIn. She is fan of Tableau Prep.


Here are some of my favorite posts:

  1. How to prep to SQL – Sub Queries
  2. How to prep to SQL – Dates
  3. How to prep to SQL – Pivot

Anything related to Tableau Prep – she will definitely be able to help for the Tableau Community.

Mateusz Karmalski Blog

Analyst, data engineer, enthusiast and fan of Tableau, F1, music (rap) and many other smaller things. His works are unique and impressive viz. Do check out his blog for his great works.


My favorite posts are below:

  1. Prison Overcrowding
  2. Action on Parameters
  3. Advanced Charts in Tableau

DataViz Art Blog

Divya & Tharashasank manages this blog. Divya is an Tableau Ambassador & Tableau Public Featured Authors in 2016. Divya is co-founder of VizConnect.

Do check out Divya’s awesome work on Tableau Public profile.

Simon Beaumont Blog

Simon is a Tableau Zen Master and User Group Ambassador; I’m passionate about all things data and Tableau. He was an 2020 IronViz Top 3 Finalist 🙂 Good luck for his finals in coming months in Tableau conference 2020. Excited for his work on stage live virtually.


Here are my favorite blog posts:

  1. Accessing Color Palette without dimension or measure
  2. Pinning your arc lines
  3. Enabling Interactive Maps through transparency , layering and images

Amanda’s Data Stories Blog

Amanda is a consulting data analyst at The Information Lab, London.

Here are some favorite blog posts:

  1. Transparency
  2. Spiders
  3. Bump Charts

Son’s of Hierarchies

This blog is from Mark & Brian – awesome collections of information related to Tableau


Here are my favorite blog posts

  1. Building Better Dashboards
  2. Nested Bubble Chart
  3. Getting started with Tableau

Ravi’s Scribbles

Ravi is a Tableau Zen Master, Ambassador & data visualization enthusiast.


Rosario’s Blog


Here are my favorite blogs:

  1. Dynamic Label on Heat Map
  2. Can you swap states
  3. Radar Charts

Jim’s Blog

Jim is one of the top most community contributor in Tableau. He is highly experienced and helpful for people running into challenges in Tableau Community with best possible solutions and answers to them. I was honored to present with Jim as co-host in VizConnect discussion on 9/18/2020 – Friday.


Here are some of favorite blogs:

  1. Top 5 Building Blocks on Journey from Spreadsheets to Tableau
  2. Not all nulls are created equal
  3. Dates Functions in Tableau

Sarah’s Blog

A Social Tableau Ambassador and leader of the Singapore Tableau User Group, Sarah is forging her own path in the world of visualization. 

Here are some of the favorite posts:

  1. Stylish Title
  2. Mastering the art of visualization
  3. Make Over Monday Her Start

Marc Reid’s Blog

Marc Reid has a blog where he capture his notes about data visualization and in particular Tableau, including posts on new features, Tableau community initiatives, tips and other things along the way. Do check it out – it is real fun.


Here are my favorite blogs:

  1. Creating two color area charts
  2. 50 Column Tables in Tableau
  3. Creating Toggle Help Screen for Dashboard with Show/Hide containers

Lot more he has that are favorite to me 🙂

Klaus Schulte Blog

CO data and are led by Dr. Klaus Schulte. Klaus is a professor of controlling at Münster School of Business at FH Münster in Germany. He won Iron Viz at Tableau Conference Europe in 2018 and has been recognized as a Tableau Zen Master.


Here are some of my favorite blogs:

  1. Lollipop Jitter Chart
  2. Curvy Reference Band in Scatter Plot
  3. Free your tooltips

Luther Flagstad Blog

Luther Flagstad is currently work as an Evaluation Data Analyst for a social services agency in Brooklyn, NY. He works with a team to get data, clean it, visualize it, and present it to decision makers.

Here are my favorite posts:

  1. Make a button with set and set action
  2. Rounded Tip Bar Charts
  3. Turn Labels on and Off

Michael Summons Blog

Michael is my mentor. He is awesome with his work on Tableau. He constantly checks with me to ensure i’m doing good with Tableau and other things. Do check his blog.


Shivam Mittal Blog

Shivam is like my brother. I got an chance to work with him on SportsViz. Hopefully we will publish our collaboration very soon 🙂 Due to IronViz 2020 & Other priorities – we couldn’t work together. I love his work very much on Tableau Public. Do check out his blogs.

Here are some of favorite blogs:

  1. Tableau Desktop Specialist Experience
  2. Short guide on building business dashboards

Pavneet Singh Blog

Pavneet is passionate about sharing his knowledge across various tools and technologies which he has gained over the last 6 years working as a data professional in the IT industry. He helps other with this blog which will be of great help in learning something useful in anyone’s data journey!


Stay tuned – he will be writing his tips and tricks shortly. Do check his public profile until then – he has awesome vizzes.

Tim Ngwena Blog

Data at @infolabuk – Tableau Desktop & Server Certified Professional, Tableau Certified Trainer & in the evenings Quantified Self and F1 Fanboy.


Favorite blog posts are below:

  1. Sketch Note Technique
  2. 2020.1 New Features
  3. Disabling Auto Generation phone layour

Tableau + Mapbox = LOVE


Amar Singh Blog

Amar Singh has done some impressive work in Tableau Public. I definitely recommend to check out his blog and public profile for more.

Matt Chambers Blog

Visual Analytics at Clemson University. Two-time Tableau Zen MasterTableau Iron Viz Finalist


My favorite blogs are below:

  1. Sheets selectors using set actions
  2. Row and Column Highlighter
  3. Conditional Viz in Tooltip Selector

Below are few other helpful blogs related to Tableau by the community folks. Do check each one of it.!/

Hope it helps you all with the process of learning Tableau!

If you think i have missed some blog, feel free to comment in the post below. Thanks & Enjoy reading!

*Blog Post Image Credit : Photo by Kaitlyn Baker on Unsplash

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