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MicroStrategy, a leading worldwide provider of enterprise software platforms, today launched MicroStrategy 10.3, the latest release of its groundbreaking enterprise analytics platform MicroStrategy 10 Secure Enterprise™. This release features new data discovery capabilities and a collection of ease-of-use enhancements designed to advance business user adoption within the enterprise. To try MicroStrategy 10.3 using the new Express Install, visit:
Available as a free upgrade to all cloud and on-premises customers who are current on maintenance, version 10.3 introduces new visualization capabilities for data discovery users, new gateways to leverage existing enterprise assets, a simplified express installation, and a variety of ease-of-use improvements throughout the platform. To learn more, register for the upcoming “What’s New in MicroStrategy 10.3” webcast by visiting: or register for one of MicroStrategy’s upcoming symposia events at:
“We take great pride in delivering a relevant, powerful and easy-to-use analytics platform to the market,” said Tim Lang, CTO, MicroStrategy Incorporated. “Both business and technology leaders rely on MicroStrategy as an across-the-board enterprise analytics platform because it strikes the right balance between the agility of self-service data discovery and the large-scale enterprise demands of governance, security, and performance.”
New and Enhanced Visualization Capabilities
With product releases rolling out on a quarterly cadence, MicroStrategy continues to invest in data discovery capabilities that allow business users to successfully drive self-service analytics. Version 10.3 features enhanced visualization capabilities that include:
  • Customized dashboards with formatting controls;
  • Pie charts as a part of the cluster markers on top of maps;
  • Improved support for custom shapes on ESRI maps; and
  • Streamlined workflows for adding images to dashboards.
With these new features, MicroStrategy 10 Secure Enterprise makes it easier for users to build apps and dashboards, find answers, and complete tasks faster. To learn more about these new features, visit:
Custom Visualization Gallery
MicroStrategy is rolling out a new Custom Visualization Gallery, a library of pre-configured, open-source visualizations available to the users of the MicroStrategy Community. Any MicroStrategy user can now access this growing collection of visualizations and load them into their existing data discovery dashboards with ease. These visualizations come fully pre-configured and can be accessed using MicroStrategy Desktop™, MicroStrategy Web™, and MicroStrategy Mobile™.
The user community-led site includes a wide range of stunning visualizations. For example, dynamic org chart visualizations help analysts better comprehend organizational and structural relationships; sankey diagrams enable users to visualize the magnitude of flow between nodes in a network; sequence starbursts help users summarize navigation paths through a website; and box plots help analysts compare distributions between groups of data. These easy to access, unique and custom visualizations supplement the extensive library of native visualizations that come with the product and suit a variety of user needs via D3 visualization and Google chart libraries.
Ease-of-Use Improvements Across the Entire MicroStrategy Platform
Exciting new features make it faster and easier to build web and mobile applications, both in the cloud and on-premises:
  • New Express Install. The new Express Install in version 10.3 makes it incredibly easy to set up the enterprise platform. Users can get instant access to the full suite of enterprise analytics, mobility, and security functionality with a significantly reduced number of configuration steps.
  • Combine dashboards to tell better stories. Business users can now embed and consolidate multiple dashboards into the same MicroStrategy Desktop application. This allows users to combine forces and reuse existing content, greatly reducing the time it takes to develop dashboards and applications.
  • Build once, deploy everywhere. With version 10.3, any dashboard designed in MicroStrategy Web that includes an ESRI map will automatically be rendered on standard smartphones running on iOS or the Android™ platform by using native Apple® and Google map functionality.
  • Reusable panel stacks for documents. Designers can now easily duplicate panel stacks in MicroStrategy Web, without having to replicate effort. Using this feature in conjunction with the ability to save document design themes makes it faster and easier than ever before to build pixel-perfect dashboard applications.
  • Cache and cube subscriptions. Administrators can now create subscriptions for cube refresh and cache update using MicroStrategy Web, making it easier to manage and administer BI projects from a single interface.
New Certifications and Support with MicroStrategy 10.3
Version 10.3 also supports and certifies additional gateways that allow enterprises to leverage existing assets, including: 
  • Simba® ODBC driver for Google BigQuery, Impala™, MapR®, and Drill;
  • Cloudera® CDH 5.5;
  • Pivotal® HAWQ®3;
  • Direct Data import from JSON file format;
  • Snowflake RDBMS;
  • Certified MobileIron® for iOS 9; and
  • Usher™ Directory agent support for Open LDAP™.
Additionally, there are other new enhancements and capabilities in version 10.3, including configurable sequence for transactions on mobile, session recovery during data import, optimized data blending options, and security filters for metrics, that make this a very feature-rich release. These enhancements will be highlighted and explained in the upcoming “What’s New in MicroStrategy 10.3” webcast.
New Security Enhancements for Usher
More relevant security features are now available with the enterprise platform, including:
  • Frictionless unlock for Mac OS®. With version 10.3, users can log in to their Mac using their FastBadge™. Once the badge is paired with the Mac via Bluetooth®, users can unlock their workstation without needing to enter their password.
  • Windows Server support. With MicroStrategy 10.3, Usher can now be installed on Microsoft® Windows Server® 2008 R2 and later.
  • Device-level credential enrollment.Version 10.3 adds another level of security for Usher users who can now enroll their devices using SMS as a means for verifying device ownership out-of-band. Network Manager will now allow an administrator to see all of a user’s devices on which a badge is active and de-provision specific devices remotely.
  • Organizational hierarchy integration.Organizations can now integrate their internal organizational chart into the Usher Analytics™ reporting schema. Analysis and reporting on access and authentication can be done at the department or business unit level instead of the individual employee level.
Attend a Symposium Near You
MicroStrategy 10.3 will be demonstrated at upcoming events around the world and as part of the ongoing 2016 MicroStrategy Symposium Series. MicroStrategy’s worldwide 2016 Symposium Series has been met with standing room only crowds. To experience a full day of learning, live demonstrations, hands-on workshops, and networking, register for one of MicroStrategy’s upcoming symposia events at: and join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #MSTRSymposia. 

MicroStrategy 10.3 is GA: MicroStrategy, a leading worldwide provider of enterprise software platforms, today launched MicroStrategy 10.3, the latest release of its groundbreaking enterprise analytics platform MicroStrategy 10 Secure Enterprise™. This release features new data discovery capabilities and a collection of ease-…

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