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I happened to see the release updates of MicroStrategy 10.3 – which is ready for its release for GA in few months. I hope you guys enjoy reading it and getting used to those useful features released in it. My POI are below:
  1. Image embed in document
  2. PDF export with HTML tags embed
It is hard to believe that MicroStrategy 10.3 is only a month away from GA (General Availability). Feels like 10.2 just got released a few weeks ago.
The Quarterly Release cycle, or cadence as MicroStrategy calls it, is the new norm. It started last year, and will continue on this year. Personally, I love this high cadence delivery schedule because it feels as though MicroStrategy is shedding its lumbering enterprise roots and catching up to the “move fast” software generation.
It’s a stroke of genius and shows us yet again that MicroStrategy has the agility to execute and market awareness of what their customers need in this new era of Business Intelligence.
At last week’s MicroStrategy World Conference in Miami, Senior Executive Vice President and CTO Tim Lang announced some features to expect next month. However, I’m sure there might be a few surprise late entries at GA time. 

On top of the hundreds of customer driven issue fixes, expect the following new features…
  • Easy import of D3 visualizations directly into the Desktop tool
    Previously, you had to download, unzip and then upload the D3 visualizations to a special folder on the web server before they could be used. Now, it’s just a simple click-to-import operation that will be available to all users of the Desktop tool.

    Take a peek at the D3 viz library here:

  • Multi-Threaded Data Import
    This one sounds pretty cool. Although we didn’t get a demo at the conference, it sounds like this feature will greatly improve ad-hoc data imports into the Desktop tool. Rather than reading a file sequentially / one record at a time, it appears as though MicroStrategy is slicing the dataset up into individual pieces and then importing each in parallel pipelines – Very nice!
  • Embed Images Into Documents
    Love this one. Instead of having an Administrator upload images to the image folder on the Web / Mobile and Intelligence servers, the end user can now do an image import directly into the document / dashboard being worked on. No need to beg your already over worked MSTR Admin to upload images for you. How awesome is that??
  • PDF Export Enhancement 

    You can now export a PDF from MSTR with embedded HTML tags. This was a much requested feature from a lot of customers I hear. 

  • Better Android and IOS Parity 

    MicroStrategy is trying to bring these two mobile app platforms closer together as far as functionality, look and feel are concerned. This parity is especially important for the APAC geographic region where Android device usage far exceeds IOS usage (from personal experience)

  • This is my Favorite – Simplified “Express” Install 

    Anyone who has done a MicroStrategy install knows that the process is probably one of the most painful parts of the tool. In the ‘old days’ an install could take a day or two to complete. Now, with the release of 10.3, the install wizard will allow you to select a “Custom Install” or an “Express Install”. The Express method promises to be a one-click and you’re done feature. Time will tell if this is truly an “Express Install”… Stay Tuned… 

  • Last, but not least, Zero-Click Mac Login
    We got to see a video demo of how this will work. And, might I say… it’s pretty darn fantastic. Using the Bluetooth communication protocol, your MAC can detect when your Blue Tooth enabled device (IOS I assume?) is close to your MAC. If it is close, then your MAC auto-unlocks and permits access. Once you leave the vicinity of your desk, your MAC will auto-lock because it no longer detects your IOS device close by.  As a security fanatic, I like this feature a lot.
That’s a wrap for what I know about MicroStrategy 10.3 due out in March 2016. Thanks for reading !!

What To Expect In MicroStrategy 10.3

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