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I recently watched an good video on how Microsoft Power BI which saves the organization with lot of benefits economically. Credit to Microsoft & Forrester Consulting for sharing their experience in the form of Webinar.

Readers – it will be really worth watching the Webinar & take advantage of their learning’s in using Microsoft Power BI

Speaker : Jonathan Lipsitz (Principal consultant in Forrester’s TEI practice) & Meghan Tomlin (Microsoft – Sr. Product Marketing Manager)

Here are my highlights from Webinar to share :

  • ROI – Higher Return
  • Customer Journey of explaining
    • Key Challenges – Before using Power BI
    • Key Benefits – After using Power BI
  • Corporate IT involvement for Better adoption & Better Governance
  • Does everyone need Power BI Pro License ? You’ll know the answer in this video if you watch & how does it save you money ROI in turn ?
  • Which features controls the security and compliance ? Watch out and know more in webinar video
  • Customers Cost involved with Power BI ?
  • Time-to-market reduction from 18 Months to 10 Months for new products and services
  • How much savings do you get with self-service for each Power BI Users in # of Hours ?
  • You can also hear some of the good Q&A on all these analysis.

Watch this webinar to discover the economic impact of creating a data-driven culture with Microsoft Power BI. Explore a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting in which four customers were interviewed and an additional 59 were surveyed to help calculate the benefits and costs associated with Power BI.


Enjoy the Webinar!

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