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Today as part of Friday Fun, thought of sharing this ON DEMAND video shared by MicroStrategy detailing out the administration capabilities provided using Workstation

Workstation – What is it ?

Workstation is next-gen tool developed by MicroStrategy to replace all we do in prior versions (9.x or 10.x or 11.x ) into one Unified platform called as Workstation. (i.e.) replace developer, object manager, command manager, integrity manager, user manager, system managers, security, etc ., & have everything in one umbrella. It is an GREAT Idea/Vision/Mission & they are in phased approach to provide the features into the product. I would say, it has improved a lot than it was 2-3 years back.

Definition by MicroStrategy is listed below

  1. It is an powerful tool that lets you administer and control both projects and environments, providing tools for data discovery and visualization.
  2. Workstation makes it easy to build compelling visualizations and interactive dossiers in a matter of minutes and then easily share those dossiers with others.

Example : How to create an Bar Chart easily ?

Credit: MicroStrategy Community

Here you go with the WebCast that provides detailed explanation of current capabilities that MicroStrategy Workstation provides now in 2020.


What can you expect from this WebCast ? My views are below:

  • Cooking example with MicroStrategy tool (i.e.) Old vs New(Modern) ~ Love the comparison 🙂
  • Unified Product
  • Roles (Developer, Administrator, Consumer)
  • Frequency of Workstation Usage in your life
  • Workstation Overview
  • Demo of Administration capabilities
  • Advantages of Workstations
  • User Management (Authentication: Standard, AD/LDAP – Configuration, Users/Groups, Security roles)
  • Scripts (Python script)
  • Application Management (Schema, Public Objects, etc.,)

Hope you find them useful!!

Futuristic Expectation – my expectation down the line this tool is going to become are shared

When down the line in next 5 – 8 years from now (i.e.) 2025 – 2028 ~ I expect 50 to 60% of customers might/would have moved to CLOUD (AWS, Google, Azure or etc.,) –

  • How does Workstation plays an key role to provide an enterprise flavor with unified product makes the life easier for business + IT.
  • How can you easily upgrade with click of an button ?
  • How can you provision an user easily ?
  • How can you view telemetry data for an object, dashboard, reports, cubes , etc. ?
  • How can you view Mobile Usage ?
  • How can you view Hyper Cards usage ?
  • How can you automate the tasks for business users or administrators ?
  • How can you create, modify or delete subscriptions easily with clicks ?
  • How can you burst your reports/dashboards using workstation ?
  • How can you design an responsive dashboards ?
  • How can you configure it on Voice-controlled devices like Alexa, Google Home or etc., ?
  • How can you compare and test your dashboards or reports across environment or across different versions comparison ?
  • How can you utilize ML & AI with Workstation ?
  • How can you duplicate the projects ?
  • How can you migrate the objects from one environment to other easily ?
  • Lot more.. definitely

Hope the On Demand Web Cast helps you to know more about current Workstation product in MicroStrategy 2020!!

Enjoy your weekend!!

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