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Can we pass the selected value from the Graph/Grid/Viz to Text Box as dynamic text ?

Answer is, yes with an workaround on the MicroStrategy Dossier

In the above, image, we will replace with selected value to respective text box as below:

  • City Graph to “All Cities” Section
  • Hospital Graph to “All Hospitals” section

How to achieve it are below ?

  • Create “Count” metric on top of “City” & “Hospital” attribute
    • (e.g.) Count<Distinct=True>(City){~+}
    • Count<Distinct=True>(Hospital){~+}
  • Create “Max” metric on top of “City” & “Hospital” attribute
    • (e.g.) Max(City){~+}
    • Max(Hospital@ID){~+}
  • Create 3rd metric using IF() function & that will act as an “Dynamic” text to be placed on the Viz based on above metrics created
    • (e.g.) IF(([Count (City)]>1), “All Cities”, [Max City])
    • IF(([# Hospitals]>1), “All Hospitals”, [Max Hospital])
  • Place the above created metric with IF() function into the respective viz & target them from Graph Viz

Trick here is that, if you use “TEXT” Box – the selected value from Graph won’t be passed to the text box on Dossier.

Hence, would recommend to use “Add Visualization” & select as “KPI” viz

Enjoy Reading!!

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