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If you would like to highlight an metric or attribute value on a report/document/dossier, you could do that easily with MicroStrategy.


  • Metric : Revenue > 10000 DISPLAY GREEN, ELSE RED
  • Attribute : YEAR = 2019 DISPLAY RED, ELSE GREEN

What are the types of threshold available :

  • Metric Threshold (Individual Value & Subtotal or Together can be applied)
  • Attribute Threshold

What are the options available :

  • Change font color of value
  • Change background color of value
  • Change/Replace with different value altogether
  • Change/Display with Symbols
  • Change/Display images

Metric Threshold

Metric Threshold

Options available here are below :

Left to right – Last 3 icons
  • Icon 1 (Metric icon): Applies to metric value only
  • Icon 2 (Subtotal Icon): Applies to Subtotal value only
  • Icon 3 (Metric + Subtotal Icon) : Applies to Metric Value & Subtotal

Attribute Threshold

Note: Apply it on Web Only for Attribute

Options Available:

Tons of formatting options MicroStrategy provides to apply for metric or attribute
1. Replace Text
2. Quick Symbol
3. Image

Tip: You can even use different fonts to achieve respective symbol than using actual image

Use of Font “Wingdings 3” for displaying up/down arrows
Isn’t it cool ?

Another Tip: If you’re on Web – then you can use “Visual Threshold” to easily apply the conditions

Image Threshold:

Easy to apply

Hope you liked these tips to apply threshold on Reports today!

Will share more on Dossier in upcoming posts!

Enjoy Reading!

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