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A Report Services document has additional blank spaces added to it when viewing it in PDF in MicroStrategy Desktop 8.x, as shown below:
The image above breaks pages and adds extra space in the middle of the Detail section. The document displays correctly when viewing it in MicroStrategy Web 8.x or exporting it to Microsoft Excel.
The page setup in the PDF viewer is not scaled appropriately.
Follow the steps below to resolve this issue:
  1. Go to the File menu in the PDF view of the document.
  2. Select ‘Page Setup’.
  3. Change the Scaling option from 100% to ‘Fit to: 1 page(s) wide by ___ page(s) tall.’ Set the option to be the correct number of pages the document should be, as shown below:

TN18689: A document has additional blank spaces when viewed in PDF using MicroStrategy Desktop 8.x

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