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Apple devices allow, with just a touch of the Home button, unlocking your iPhone or iPad by using the Touch ID sensor in the Home button. Starting with MicroStrategy Mobile 10 Client for iOS together with MicroStrategy Enterprise Platform 10, it is possible to take advantage of thisfeature to secure specific Reports or Report Service documents.
This document shows how to secure a Report or Report Service document.
Set Report as private in MicroStrategy Web:
Open a report in MicroStrategy Web 10, go to “Tools” –> “Report Option” –> “Advanced” tab, check the checkbox of “Make report private” and save the changes.
Set Report Service document as private in MicroStrategy Web:
Open a Report Service Document in MicroStrategy Web 10, go to “Tools” — >”Document Properties” –> “Mobile” tab, check the checkbox of “Make document private” and save the changes.
Configure allow authentication via system pass code for Touch ID in Mobile Configuration:
By default, user is only allowed to be authenticated via Touch ID, as shown below:
To enable authentication via system pass code for Touch ID, create new or edit existing mobile configuration, in “General Settings” tab, check the checkbox of “Allow authentication via system pass code for Touch ID“.
After that, use will have the option to either use Touch ID or pass code, as shown below:

TN253297: How to configure secure Reports/Documents that require authentication via system pass code or Touch ID in MicroStrategy Mobile 10

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