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This is a list of the available auto text macros that the Report Services Document engine recognizes.
 {&PAGE}  Display the current page.
 {&NPAGES}  Display the total number of pages.
 {&DATETIME}  Display the current date and time.
 {&USER}  Display the user name that is executing the Report Services Document.
 {&DOCUMENT}  Display the document name.
 {&DOCUMENTID}  Display the document ID.
 {&DESCRIPTION}  Display the document description.
 {&PROJECT}  Display the project name.
 {&EXECUTIONTIME}  Display the execution time.
 {&SERVERNAME}  Display the Intelligence Server name
 {&REPORT:FILTERDETAILS}  Display the filter details of that report.
 {&REPORT:PROMPTDETAILS}  Display the prompt details of that report.
 {&REPORT:REPORTDETAILS}  Display the report details.
 {&NOTES}  Display the Report Services Document notes.
 {&Prompt1&}  Display the answer of the first prompt.
 {&WEBSERVER}  Display the Web server URL.
 {&TITLE}  Display the Report Services Document inbox title.
 {&PROMPTXML}  Display the prompt answers XML.
 {&DOCUMENTMESSAGEID}  Display the message ID of the Report Services Document.
 {&REPORT:GUID}  Display the GUID of that particular report.
 {&ATTRIBUTE@ELEMENTID}  Display the Element ID of that attribute.
 {&ATTRIBUTE@GUID}  Display the GUID of that particular attribute.

TN32345: List of available auto text macros in Report Services Documents.

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