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In MicroStrategy Web 9.2.1, by default, background color of the selected attribute which is a panel selector in Report Service document is displayed like this:
Using MicroStrategy Web SDK 9.2.1, it changes background color of the selected attribute, as shown below:
To achieve this customization, perform the following steps using the Web Customization Editor provided with MicroStrategy Web SDK:
  1. Launch the Web Customization Editor
  2. Go to the CSS Settings tab, expand CSS > MicroStrategy Web Styles > style > mstr > pageRW.css
  3. Right-click pageRW.css and select search selectors to search for the selector .gridSelectorHilite.
  4. Double-click .gridSelectorHilite to expand it
  5. Change the value in backgroud-image to another picture, as shown below:

  6. Run the Report Services document in MicroStrategy Web, background color of the selected attribute which is a panel selector is changed.

TN37470: How to change background color of the selected attribute which is a panel selector in a Report Services document using MicroStrategy Web SDK 9.2.1?

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