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I would like to share my learnings from the MSTR World 2017 – which happened last week at Washington D.C.
Attached PDF is an complete story of 2017 MSTR World – which I attended it first time and enjoyed it. Detailed one – but you’ll like it J
Few Highlights:
Ø Dossier & Workstation is going to be BI Revolutionary (BOOK like concept J – if you like reading books – technically, I would say counterpart to STORY telling in Tableau is referenced with BOOKS in MSTR J – Cool idea of implementation though)
Ø BI Tool comparison across various parameters such as Enterprise, Mobility, Embedded Analytics, IoT etc., with Qlikview, Tableau, BOBJ & Cognos (few analysis points are valid from my experience of working with other tools)
Ø New community site was launched with moderators and curators tagged for each section
Ø Power of Real Time & Telemetry Analytics using MicroStrategy Usher
Ø Profit/Loss comparison of MSTR vs Tableau and Qlikview 😉 Michael J. Saylor nailed it I guess by doing that analysis – Google/Yahoo Finance says it so 😛
Ø Alation tool integration with MSTR
Ø Teradata Parallel Transporter(TPT) Setup discussion with Teradata person who worked in integrating it with MSTR – About its challenges and things to note down from setup standpoint – We will be working on those too this year to take advantage of it if it helps us to resolve few performance issues
Ø More and more big data connectors that MSTR has leveraged and exposed within the tool
My Recommendations:
Ø Dossier is really cool with workstation as the desktop tool will definitely help self-service data discovery to be stronger with this solution.
Ø Early Adopter program launched from MSTR 10.6 & 10.7 for Dossier & Workstations – if anyone interested, could reach out with MSTR in utilizing it effectively. I recommend personally all the Architects or Business Owners/Sponsors to evaluate this Dossier/Workstation for better product to come out and address key business requirements or if any challenges that MSTR would have missed as part of building it. MSTR is super excited to launch and test/evaluate this out by supporting it for the project. It is anticipated to be released in MSTR 10.9 (which will be an platform release I guess)
Ø Take advantage of SUPER CUBE that was mentioned in MSTR World – I missed to attend the track but would love to explore it and I recommend the same for folks to utilize it if that helps for any data analysis
Ø Take advantage of MicroStrategy Usher – effective real time analysis and telemetry data analysis. Lot of good use cases available for effective use of Usher
Ø Utilize the mobile app with RSD – which satisfies most of the business requirements
o  Embed Media
o  Embed PDF
o  Bar Code Scanning
o  Image Uploader
o  Signature Option
o  Geo Spatial Analysis
o  Data Analysis
o  Notifications
o  Etc.,
Ø Take advantage of responsive design if that’s one of the key business need for agile methodology with Dossier
Ø Take advantage of Workstation for any new projects that kick starts in 2017 – especially which drives with self-service data discovery as intention
Ø Use the advantage of predictive analysis that MSTR offers
If anyone interested in watching the videos of the Key Note & Dossier Workstation : Reference Link
More info about tracks and their materials will be published in MSTR Site soon.
Happy Reading! Feel free to forward to any of your colleagues.

PDF File

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